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Proofreading & Editing

Full proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing services are now available from Alex Matthews at Book Editing Services. Alex is a qualified and experienced editor who can make sure your writing is error-free, clear and consistent. Let me know if you need editing services, or contact Alex directly via her website.

General corrections

During the production process it’s important you check the ebook for errors. However, page and line numbers don’t mean anything in an ebook because the content reflows to fit the current display. Also, user font settings can change how much text appears on each ‘page’. Therefore, it’s best to indicate changes in the following format:

Chapter 1, paragraph 3, sentence beginning “They're car wouldn't start.” should change to “Their car wouldn't start.”

Quoting the text that needs to be changed is helpful because I can quickly search for it. Proofing your ebook on a Mac or Windows PC with an application such as Books, Adobe Digital Editions or similar should allow you to copy and paste text. The list of changes can then be as simple as an email containing the original text from the ebook, and what it should be changed to.