About Paul Drummond

Paul is a commercial illustrator, website developer, book designer, graphic designer, 3D generalist or small animal wrangler, depending on which day you catch him. He's based in the north west of England but deals with clients throughout the UK and further afield. He has also worked as a university lecturer, teacher, journalist, film-maker, repro–specialist, mechanic, cook and ditch–digger, with varying levels of success and enjoyment. He is dismayed to realise he's been doing this for thirty years.

When not working or shouting at children, Paul enjoys running (getting slower: dodgy knee), film, literature, hill-walking (see running), music, martial arts (very dangerous as long as his opponent does exactly what he's expecting), art and lazing around. Beer is sometimes involved.

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How To Get In Touch

The best way to get hold of Paul is by calling or sending a message.