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Final Cut Pro X – rewrite, revamp, rethink

Posted on by Paul

The new version of Final Cut Pro X is available, ending months of speculation about Apple’s plans for their video editing system. I’ve had a brief look at Motion 5, the compositing and effects part of the package, but a more detailed overview can be found on Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro site.
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That’s 147 in web years, you know

Posted on by Paul

Photoshop is now 21 years old and I’ve been using it for 17 years. It’s so widely used people outside the design industries are aware of it. If I told someone an image had been ‘Photoshopped’ they’d probably understand I meant it had been digitally edited. Oh dear, I’d better stop with the digital nostalgia before I start digging out old SyQuest 88MB cartridges.