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Improving table display in ebooks with responsive design

Posted on by Paul

Displaying tables in ebooks is like designing for mobile devices in that we don’t always know the display size. I recently completed three ebooks containing multi-column data tables. The client was keen to make these readable on small displays so I borrowed some responsive design techniques from my web development work.

Release the monsters! Trick or Treat ebook available

Posted on by Paul

Trick or Treat by John Gatehouse and Dave Windett is now available, so visit the Little Lemming Books site to help Neela stop those rampaging monsters! The ebook is currently available from Amazon and Lulu. The Amazon version can be viewed on the Kindle or the Kindle app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. The Lulu EPUB version can be viewed on a range of devices and apps such as the iPhone, iPad, Nook, Adobe Digital Editions and more.

Trick or Treat ebook coming soon

Posted on by Paul

‘Monsters from the closet, monsters from the back of beyond, and monsters from the fridge!’ I’m working on an ebook of ‘Trick or Treat’ by John Gatehouse and Dave Windett. Strictly speaking, I’m not in the target age range but the pictures of rampaging monsters make me laugh every time.

Never Never Stories ebook now available

Posted on by Paul

‘Never Never Stories’, the first science fiction & fantasy collection from Jason Sanford is now available as an ebook for the Kindle, Nook and iPhone / iPad. This is the second ebook I’ve created for Jason, following on from his novella ‘Sublimation Angels’. The collection contains stories previously published in ‘Interzone’, ‘Analog Science Fiction and Fact’, ‘Apex Magazine’, ‘Ikarie’, and ‘Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show’, amongst others. It also contains never-before published material.