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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Smoky Bacon Crisps

Posted on by Paul

Professor Dave Mearns has written seven books on counselling and psychotherapy, including the best sellers ‘Person-Centred Counselling in Action’ and ‘Working at relational depth in Counselling and Psychotherapy’. His first fiction novel ‘Smoky Bacon Crisps: Finding the Edge of Life’ will be available later this year.

Unethical or dishonest user interface design

Posted on by Paul

Go to and you’ll find an interesting presentation by Harry Brignull. He talks about unethical or dishonest user interfaces designed to trick people into doing things such as buying unneeded services, or help disguise recurrent payments as one-offs. He makes the interesting point that most professionals recognise the difference between good and bad practices when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), but not design. Time for an industry wide code of ethics to sit alongside web standards?

Jaeger: Book One – a new novel by Anthony Conway

Posted on by Paul

On a rain-swept night, Thomas Jaeger, a British agent, finds himself in a small hotel in Bosnia. He is burnt out, his life in ruins. The next day, two Austrian guests will visit a nearby town. Within four hours they will have been murdered. The town is Sarajevo. It is June 1914. “The Black Hand” is a new novel from bestselling author Anthony Conway.