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Gone in a Flash™

Posted on by Paul

Adobe have announced they are no longer developing Flash for mobile browsers. Instead they’ll be focussing on HTML5 based tools. This is good because Flash on mobile pretty much sucks, and the antagonistic relationship between Adobe and Apple has been a childish distraction. Hopefully the resources Adobe wasted on pushing Flash for mobile can now go into developing HTML5 authoring tools such as Edge. However, it’s not all good news because 750 Adobe employees will lose their jobs over this.

Update: On a related note, Adobe have also announced they are donating the Flex SDK to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Flex is used for Flash-based rapid application development, and while it’s been covered by an open-source license for a few years, this move will mean it’s managed by the ASF as an independent project. Adobe will still contribute to this project but have clearly stated they see HTML5 as the future of enterprise application development.

So, does this mean Flash is dead? No. Flash for desktop PCs will be around for a while. HTML5 does some things extremely well, especially on mobile, but it can’t match Flash yet. Consider this a transition phase. (To add to the confusion, Mozilla continues to work on Flash support within their Firefox for Android browser.)

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