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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Midnight Echo 6 line-up

Posted on by Paul

Issue 6 of Midnight Echo, the official magazine of the Australian Horror Writers Association will be published later this year. The line-up includes stories from Cody Goodfellow, Cat Sparks, Stephen Dedman, Shane Jiraiya Cummings and Joanne Anderton. There are also interviews with the Hugo and Locus Reader Award winning author Charles Stross, and renowned science fiction artist Chris Moore. Joint-editor David Conyers was kind enough to request one of my illustrations for the cover.

‘You can trust me’

Posted on by Paul

I still find the legal side of my work tricky. I hate talking about money and have made the mistake of leaving project terms vague because the client said ‘don’t worry about that, you can trust me’. Well, it’s not that I don’t trust you, more that I don’t know you. If I hope to start a business relationship with someone I know very little about I need a contract to set expectations and responsibilities. This protects both parties and lets us get on with the actual work. Now, you’ll have to excuse me because my lawyer is on the phone…

Sublimation Angels ebook now available

Posted on by Paul

The novella Sublimation Angels by Jason Sanford is now available as an ebook for the Kindle and Nook. Sublimation Angels was a finalist for the Nebula Award for Best Novella and won the Interzone Readers’ Poll. My next project with Jason will be the ebook version of his short story collection Never Never Stories.