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Oh, and you can read books on it too…

Posted on by Paul

Typical programmer, I get a new gadget and one of the first things I try is something it doesn’t officially support. The Kindle 3 has a web browser hidden away in the experimental menu and it’s not too bad. However, the slow refresh rate of the e-ink display and fiddly controls mean I’m more likely to read a blog with it than edit one.

On my site the Kindle browser uses the layout designed for mobile devices. It also picks up the high contrast style so we get black & white text instead of murky grey.

Website displayed on Kindle 3 browser

The Kindle browser is based on WebKit so you can use CSS Media Queries. However, if your detection code relies on the user agent string search for ‘AppleWebKit’ and ‘Kindle’. The current device orientation also appears here, e.g. 600 x 800px.

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