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VLC Media Player for iPhone and iPad, for now…

Posted on by Paul

If you watch video on Linux, Mac or Windows you may have used the free VLC Media Player. When your default player chokes on some obscure video codec VLC usually handles it without complaint. VLC is also available for the iPhone and iPad, which is handy because it means you can watch all those .divx files without having to convert them first. (You know the files I’m talking about. All those episodes of ‘True Blood’ you just happened to find on BitTorrent.)

However, you might want to grab VLC for iPhone now because there have been rumblings about incompatible licenses, App Store policies and The Great Conspiracy To Keep Open Source Software From The People™. There’s a chance the iPhone/iPad version might disappear from the App Store.

Update: It looks like VLC has now been removed from the App Store.

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