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iPad and Kindle reading speed study

Posted on by Paul

As a follow up to his usability study of the iPad and Kindle, Jakob Nielsen has posted details of a readability study. This tested reading speed and text comprehension using the iPad and Kindle 2. To summarise, print has the fastest reading speed, then the iPad, then the Kindle. Users liked reading from the iPad and Kindle, but hated reading from a desktop PC.

I use my iPod touch to read articles and stories on the go. It’s pretty good, although I wouldn’t want to spend hours doing it. The new iPhone has a much higher display resolution which is easier on the eyes. I imagine the next version of the iPad will get this too, combining the larger screen size with a more detailed display (if the graphics processor can cope with the increased resolution) . Some companies in the far East market have been showing off Android based tablets, so we may see direct competitors for the iPad too.

There’s more information at Jakob Nielsen’s site.

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